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Chiropractic Treatments and Therapies

Understanding Adjustment Techniques

Here at Civano Chiropractic we understand that your first visit with a doctor, specifically one using treatments and therapies unfamiliar to you, can be daunting. My practice in Tucson, AZ, delivers a variety of proven chiropractic adjustment methods designed around the needs of our patients. I want each and every one of my patients to feel completely comfortable when they come in for treatment, which is why I will take the time to explain exactly what we will be doing and how that therapy will benefit you.

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All of my chiropractic methods can be adjusted to meet my patients where they are comfortable, ranging from applying a lighter technique to more aggressive ones. If you have any questions about treatment and the benefits it could have with your recovery, please contact me today at 520-477-1678.

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Our Practiced Techniques

Civano Chiropractic implements a variety of safe and proven chiropractic techniques. Each technique can be adjusted to suit the specific patient's comfort level.

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Gonstead Technique

This technique is a hands-on method and is most used to adjust the spine, lower back, or pelvis. The patient will lie on their side while Dr. Clint searches the spine for areas of misalignment. Manually adjusting the spine and realigning joints can assist in reducing pain, increasing mobility, and providing the patient with a better quality of life. 

Activator Technique

This technique uses a handheld mechanical instrument, called an Activator, to deliver gentle pulses into the vertebrae of the spine or extremities. Patients can expect to feel a light thumping sensation. This low-force chiropractic method is used to treat a variety of ailments, from headaches to back pain.

Drop Table Technique

Many patients associate going to the chiropractor with a chiropractic table. The formal name is the Thompson Drop Table. It features a segmented design that "drops" with the part of the body that is being treated. This sudden drop asissts with the manipulation of that area without causing discomfort.

Diversified Technique

One of the most common methods used by chiropractors, the Diversified technique is the classic method of adjustment. Patients can sit or stand while your chiropractor moves and positions your joints. A quick thrust and shift will be delivered to that portion of the body to restore the normal placement and range of motion. 

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