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New Patient Information and Resources

Your First Visit to Civano Chiropractic

Dr. Clint Mausser welcomes new patients throughout Tucson, AZ, and the surrounding areas to Civano Chiropractic. Working with patients ranging  in age from adolescence on into adulthood, he specializes in a variety of proven, safe chiropractic techniques, providing non-invasive treatment and pain relief for all types of issues and ailments. Whether this is your first time visiting a chiropractor or you have been utilizing chiropractic care for years, Dr. Clint believes that capturing a clear and detailed medical history and conducting a thorough evaluation is critical to providing the right type of care to achieve the best results.

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We invite you to visit our "Jane App" software to schedule an appointment and complete the necessary paperwork ahead of your appointment. Your first visit will include consultation, exam and adjustment. If you have any questions regarding your visit to Civano Chiropractic, please contact Dr. Clint at (520) 477-1678.

What to Expect

Let's make your first visit as easy as possible by going over what you can expect during your initial consultation and chiropractic exam.

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Complete New Patient Paperwork

Sign into the "Jane App" ahead of your appointment. You can fill out all paperwork so it can be ready and reviewed by Dr. Clint before you even step into the office.

Collecting Critical Information

Each patient has a reason for seeking out chiropractic or alternative care. It could be that you are looking for a medication-free way to manage pain or bounce back from a sports injury. Dr. Clint begins treatment for every new patient by listening and understanding your condition, symptoms, and what you expect to gain from chiropractic therapy.

Your Initial Examination

In order to provide you with safe and effective chiropractic care, Dr. Clint will collect a critical medical background and history, alongside conducting an initial examination. This allows our team to provide the highest quality care. 

Creating a Treatment Plan

Once your initial consultation and examination is complete, Dr. Clint will present his findings and recommended course of chiropractic treatment. The treatment is tailored to the patient's needs, including the frequency of treatment, type of therapies, and the expected outcome from continued therapy.

Office Policies & Payments

To ensure we can provide a high-level of patient-focused services to all our clients, we kindly ask that all appointment cancellations are made 24-hour in advance. 

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